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Revista ESA: terceiro artigo da edição especial sobre a covid-19 já está disponível

A Edição Especial ESA – covid-19 disponibiliza o terceiro artigo da série: “Análise dos impactos da covid-19 à coleta de resíduos sólidos domiciliares, recicláveis e de serviços de saúde no município de Araraquara (SP), Brasil”. (Analysis of covid-19 impacts at the collection of municipal household, recyclables and healthcare wastes in the municipality of Araraquara (SP), Brazil)

Katia Sakihama Ventura, Mariana Sedenho de Morais, Paulo Vaz Filho, Agamemnon, Brunetti Junior. Acesse aqui o artigo

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  1. The article presumably discusses various aspects related to the coronavirus, such as its impact on public health, the economy, and society as a whole. It is commendable that ABES is consistently striving to provide valuable insights and knowledge through its dedicated publication. This initiative plays a crucial role in increasing awareness, understanding, and effective management of this global crisis.

  2. The article also discusses the challenges faced by governments and organizations in balancing public health concerns with environmental sustainability. Readers will find valuable insights and recommendations on how to navigate these challenges and build a greener future post-pandemic. The experts quoted in the article offer perspectives from different sectors and shed light on the long-term implications of the COVID-19 crisis on our environment.

  3. This comprehensive piece explores various aspects related to the virus, including its impact on society, healthcare systems, and the environment. By delving into the latest research, expert analysis, and real-life experiences, the article aims to educate and raise awareness about the global crisis.

  4. This thought-provoking piece sheds light on the challenges faced by students, teachers, and policymakers alike, highlighting the urgent need for innovative solutions to ensure the continuity of learning in an ever-changing landscape. With a comprehensive analysis of the disruption caused by the pandemic, the article calls for a collaborative approach towards building resilience and embracing technology to create inclusive and sustainable educational systems for the future.

  5. The Third Article,” the Brazilian Association of Sustainable Development Studies (ABES-DN) announces the release of the third article in their special edition on the COVID-19 pandemic.

  6. This insightful piece offers a comprehensive analysis of how the crisis has affected our society, economy, and environment, shedding light on the challenges we face and the opportunities for rebuilding a more resilient future.

  7. The article provides valuable insights and information on the ongoing pandemic, offering readers a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and the measures being taken to combat the virus. With contributions from experts in the field, the article delves into various aspects of the coronavirus, including its transmission, symptoms, and impact on different populations.

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